Why Do Robotics?

Not only is robotics a great opportunity to learn how to manufacture and program working robots, it is also an avenue to meeting new, like-minded people. Participants in the MVHS robotics programs will meet and interact with many other students from other teams. Also, robotics members get the chance to learn industry-standard practices and procedures used in the fields of manufacturing, computer science, engineering, and many other disciplines. In addition to these many benefits, FIRST offers millions of dollars in college scholarships to graduating seniors, and many employers look highly upon the inclusion of "FIRST Robotics" on a resume. 

Want to join?

We are always looking for new students and mentors, of all skill-sets. No experience is required to join. Stop by CTE 6 Wednesday and Thursday during our regular meeting times at MVHS or email us for information on meetings and events or with any questions.

Current Meeting Schedule

Tuesday 2:30-6

Wednesday 2:30-6

Thursday 2:30-6

Saturday 9-2

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Please feel free to contact us.